Transform Your Workspace With Brilliant Glass Speakers

While many who purchase a luxury sound system from Waterfall Audio are integrating the glass speakers into a modern media room, there is another group of glass speaker fans who bring the glass sculptures into their “home away from home.” When in the market for a VIP upgrade, a large number of CEOs and other executives are incorporating glass speakers into their corporate offices. 

It doesn’t surprise us because your office is both the face of your business and, ultimately, the face of your success. Whether you’re just getting started in a corner office or redecorating a space for a more dynamic impact, we have a few tips for turning that C-level Suite into a 1st class business environment where you can get your best work done.

The decor of an office has a powerful psychological effect on its occupant as well as clients, customers and colleagues. Just as Waterfall Audio only partners with the best manufacturers and uses the best materials for the finest possible speakers, the colors and furnishings in your space should reflect the work you do and who you are as a person.

Lawyers, bankers, accountants and more conservative professionals typically furnish offices with rich dark woods like mahogany and neutral colors. While those in multimedia, graphic design and other creative industries tend to take a more vibrant approach to furniture with materials such as stainless steel mixed with lighter woods like light oak, maple and pine.

Want to spice up a conservative office? Consider a statement piece that will spark awe when they enter. Waterfall Audio’s tower speakers are a great way to strike up a conversation with visitors without saying a word. The precise engineering demonstrated by the gorgeous aesthetics of our Niagara floorstanding speakers is evident of fine craftsmanship and design, qualities that should be associated with any seasoned businessperson.

An additional focal point such as a leather office chair can act as a personalized accent and tie a room together. If your office space allows it, why not try a fine-leather luxury couch? It can be a great change of pace for a meeting with a client.

Flooring and walls are great places to add personalized accents. Persian style and single-color rugs can mask an older floor, while prints and three-dimensional art (and even outstretched fabric on canvas) can bring life to dull office walls without losing professionalism.  A pair of wall-mounted Hurricane speakers could also be added for a supplementary pop of color. With multiple interchangeable grills, these satellite speakers can change with your décor!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match unexpected materials within your office for a clean yet esoteric look. It is important to make the space where your productivity, creativity and ingenuity merge into a place that is serene and comfortable. A well-decorated office can help clear a tired mind, re-channel focus, and serve as a practical space that is welcoming to visitors. 

While decorating, make sure to not overcrowd your space. Focus on the necessities and presenting an organized and efficient image. One way this can be done is to minimize and prevent clutter. Make sure your executive suite includes easy access and storage Organization doesn’t have to scoff at the face of interior design. Vintage finds such as mugs, vases, ashtrays, etc. can be used as desk accessories to store everyday office supplies.  While a bookshelf can be used to display more than just a few books, plants and our aluminum and glass-bezeled Elora speakers – as they can all be hiding an easy-to-access storage cubby in plain sight.

While first impressions are always important, they are even more key when interacting with clients and future business associates. Interested in learning more about how the Sound of Art® can augment the interior design of your C-Level Suite? Visit our gallery for more inspiration using Waterfall glass speakers to demonstrate modern luxury, professional influence, and your own person style in your work environment today.