Work Area Automation

Automating the work area of your commercial establishment, be it an office, a studio or a hospital – has more advantages than the obvious. The obvious, of course, is the energy saving. Control, scheduling and monitoring of energy consumed by lights and air conditioning helps you manage costs, and moreover, helps the environment. We help in getting green certification by minimizing wastage of energy. Natural light can be utilized as much as possible by a judicious use of light-sensitive sensors. Passages that are only occasionally used won’t need to be lighted continuously – a proximity sensor will switch on the lights as soon as a person enters and switch them off when he/she leaves, thus saving precious electricity.

There is another reason to automate your work space, though. Productivity, of course, is the mantra of the corporate world today – it’s not about how long you or your employees work, it’s about how and how much. Office automation involves helping your team work better rather than longer. In short, work smarter. It’s well know that working environment highly affects worker productivity by directly influencing worker motivation and morale, affecting how they perform their tasks to a large extent. The lighting, temperature as well as ease of working are important factors. Office automation makes sure that the climate and lighting inside your office can be kept at a comfortable level with minimum effort required.