How the Internet of Things can help you in your Business

 The Internet of Things is the buzzword in technology circles these days, with many futurists calling it one of the the most exciting new trends in technology that will have a major impact on our lives in the future. However, it’s still a concept that the layman knows little about.  Most people consider it as something with limited application and aren’t aware of the huge changes that are coming thanks to the IoT, and the impact it can make to their business today.

So let’s get down to it: what exactly is the Internet of things? Simply put: IoT is the interaction and communication of electronic devices and equipment with each other and with the person(s) operating them. “Smart” means something that can think for itself, and “Smart Devices” are devices that can “intelligently” work together on a shared network to seamlessly combine their respective functions. An example would be that of a “Smart Home” where the lights, shades, media equipment, security system,  and so on are all controlled via an app on a smartphone or tablet device. These are programmed to respond to specific commands: selecting “away” mode, for example, would turn off the lighting and shades and arm intrusion detection sensors, burglar alarms and so on.

So the Internet of Things is all about connectivity. What can IoT do for your business, though?

Part One: For Offices and Commercial Buildings

Productivity in the Boardroom:

A large amount of time and energy is wasted in offices getting various devices and equipment functioning when needed in boardrooms. For example, getting the projector, screen, lights, shades and smart boards to function as required at the right time is often quite a task. IoT simplifies it: a tailor made scenario called “presentation” can be programmed to turn off the lights, lower the shades, turn on the screen and lower the projector at the touch of a button. This reduces set-up time to a bare minimum and helps get on with the work at hand, improving productivity.

Energy Saving:

Presence Detection Sensors

Presence Detection Sensor

Climate change is a reality and rising energy costs push up overheads to a large extent. Controlling the usage of electricity is imperative and beneficial to both a business and to the environment. IoT makes this an easy task with integrated sensors for lighting & air conditioning, daylight detection, intelligent climate control etc. Complete energy consumption and savings details are available in real time to help you monitor your results. Up to 80% of energy consumption can be saved by using smart systems.

Employee Productivity:

Smart systems help attune the workplace environment to employees’ “Circadian Rhythm”, the natural biological time-clock of the human body. It involves management of lighting intensity and temperature to bring both to an optimum level. This improves employee well-being, promotes higher efficiency and optimizes task fulfillment.

Building Management:

Building Management Systems or “BMS” is the integration of a building’s lighting system, water supply, climate, electricity supply, security systems etc. Managing a large building is no piece of cake, and the IoT is a game-changer here. Implementing BMS in your commercial building not only simplifies building management, it improves rentability and thus maximizes the return on investment.

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