• Multi-Room Audio & Video

Multi-Room Audio & Video Solutions

So you love your music and can’t do without it- whether you’re in the living room, your bedroom, the kitchen or the bath- you want your music everywhere. No worries, we’ll take care of it. We design each multi-room system individually as per the owners’ preferences. Our multi-room audio solutions feature just the right combination of various speakers, amplifiers and other components to give you the best listening experience, wherever you are. Also, you can take your music outdoors with you with our weatherproof , wireless outdoor speaker series.

Our solutions are custom-designed, taking into account your listening preferences. Our unparalleled range of speakers is sure to complement the aesthetic of your spaces. The wide range includes everything from large cabinet-sized to flat in-wall and in-ceiling-not to mention our tour de force: our range of invisible speakers.  You don’t need to compromise on your rooms’ individual design, or even set aside a dedicated space, to get beautiful sound. Your guests won’t even know where the music is coming from!

We also offer seamless streaming of all your stored audio and movies with visuals of album cover art, artist information and song details. Multi-room video is as easy as searching for a movie’s title in your stored collection, and you can browse your library by simply flicking through the cover art. Cloud drives make it easy to access your favorite content anywhere you are.