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Lighting Control Systems

Whether an office, a mall, a restaurant or a hospital, commercial spaces benefit the most from lighting control systems. Energy savings are a major component of operating costs. Lighting control can bring down these costs by upto 50%. Moreover, implementing lighting control helps buildings achieve international green certifications such as the LEED® certificationImplementing LMS in your commercial building not only simplifies building management, it improves rentability and thus maximizes the return on investment.

Lighting also plays a major role in an individual’s mental & physical well-being. Our bodies come with an in-built clock, the circadian rhythm that keeps track of & manages our body’s various functions. Today’s lifestyle forces human beings to spend long hours in artificial lighting, especially at work. Disruptions in the circadian rhythm caused by the wrong type of lighting can lead to physical and mental disturbances. Our lighting automation systems ensure that the circadian rhythm is kept in balance by adjusting the lights & shades automatically as per the astronomical clock built into the system & by measuring the availability of natural light through sensors.

In the hospitality industry, mood lighting is a necessity at hotels and restaurants in order to achieve a relaxing, intimate atmosphere. Scenarios such as ‘relax’, ‘ambient’ and ‘party’ are used to completely change the ambience of a space as per the occasion.