Building Management Systems

Smart buildings are the need of the hour. Integration of all aspects of a building – from water management to electricity, to climate and security systems – is mostly what goes into a ‘smart building’. A 30-storied building with 20 different types of control centers isn’t going to cut it. What is required is a central nerve-center, that manages, controls, monitors and schedules all of these aspects and gets them working in harmony. Energy saving is another important aspect. Green buildings are turning into the future, with every new commercial building of note advertising the industry certifications.

Our lighting control systems powered by DALI offer unlimited flexibility for all types of building management systems. Pre-defined lighting scenes for different times of the day can be programmed and created. These are then activated by special sensors that detect the lux level of natural light and activate the suitable program. Management of lighting, and thus electricity consumption, is simple and flexible. We also provide a unique climate control system where each HVAC unit can be separately and remotely controlled, scheduled and monitored.

About DALI:

DALI, an abbreviation of Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, is a data protocol and transport mechanism that was jointly developed and specified by several manufacturers of lighting equipment. The DALI platform allows equipment from different manufacturers to be connected together. DALI’s flexibility and versatility makes it the platform of choice when integrating lighting equipment, especially in large commercial buildings, museums, auditoria and hospitals.