Boardroom Automation

The boardroom is the nerve-center of your office. The place where decisions get made, where brainstorming sessions lead to the birth of iconic brands. Today’s businesses, moreover, usually need to work with different partners and collaborators in different parts of the world. Boardroom automation is no more optional, it is indispensable.

A large amount of time and energy is wasted in offices getting various devices and equipment functioning when needed in boardrooms. For example, getting the projector, screen, lights, shades and smart boards to function as required at the right time is often quite a task. We understand that a boardroom should be a place conducive to collaboration and decision-making. We make sure all our technology works seamlessly together to make each of your presentations a hassle-free experience.

Our boardroom management systems simplify it:  tailor- made scenes are programmed to turn off the lights, lower the shades, turn on the screen and lower the projector at the touch of a button. This reduces set-up time to a bare minimum and helps get on with the work at hand, improving productivity. Additionally, collaboration is an easy task with our specialized video-conferencing solution for boardrooms. Get presenters’ devices connected in seconds to your boardroom’s network via cloud connectivity and get the presentation started instantly, saving precious time.