Why Automation?

Today’s hectic lifestyles have turned home automation into a must-have requirement for every contemporary home. With a plethora of gadgets populating the home, handling a multitude of remotes and switches is no more practical. Home automations lets you control lighting, shades, audio and video systems, security and much more through one centralized interface on a smartphone, tablet or smart wall panel. Welcome to the world of infinite possibilities!

Why Sattva?

At Sattva Automation, we consult, design, build & deliver. We offer 100% tailor-made and global solutions to cover every aspect of your home technology needs. Whether it’ s an automation system or a home cinema, you don’t need to look anywhere else. Moreover, right from the planning stage to implementation, we handhold our clients every step of the way. Though we emphasize on the latest cutting edge technologies, we make sure design aspects and aesthetic requirements are taken care of as well. Our aim : to make sure our products and solutions are exactly suited to your requirements.